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I am starting this webpage and dedicating it the the cutest little vj in the world, mr Jesse Camp. All I can say is how can anyone resist those beautiful blue eyes of his or that sexy, messed up hair? Im glad he won the job of becoming Mtvs newest vj because from the moment I saw him, I instantly fell in love with his looks and his attitude. I dont know much about him right now but when I get more info I will post it!! and I will try to scrounge up some cute pix or something. this page is very messy I know, but soon I will fix it up and get it in order..check you later!!! THIS PAGE WAS CREATED ON EARLY SUNDAY, 4/28/98 in honour of my babydoll getting a new job at MTV networks =) it is updated almost daily, so make sure to come back often!! ;) I last thought of something new to say on Jesse 11/29/98

Kristina Ferguson

This Unofficial Craig Daly/MTV VJ's Webring site owned by Kristina.
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