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Latest Updates on this page

11/29/98: just about everything has been updated..well just go along
          and look I know you want to!!!

8/07/98: I just added a few more Jesse owners and thats it. I *might*
         hopefully have a few more qwotes to post pretty soon. Im
         tired and Im listening to Marcy Playground, just thought I
         would announce that =)

7/28/98: hmm lets see..well there are quite a few more Jesse owners, a
         couple new signs of obsession and even more reasons to love
         Jesse I need new ideas of what to put on this page, Im 
         trying to think of some. the old survey bites. I wish I new
         how to make a better one. Im trying guys =) oh theres also a 
         little fact in the news section. btw scope out the own Jesse
         section..theres a pic of Jess I sorta ripped off of the 
         graffix page or something like that. good pic though!

7/21/98: 3 guestbooks you ask? well I was kinda getting sick of the
         Tripod one. its had almost 200 signers, but it gets old when
         you cant even view the damn thing without signing it first.
         so I got a much better and easier one where we can ALL read
         what you write =)

7/17/98: finally tripods working again! anyways um..updates. well I
         updated the news section and the Own Jesse section. Oh and 
         the all about Jesse section. you will have to excuse my mess
         because someone is chatting to me on ICQ at the same time and
         its messing with my mind. I will be sure to update more soon!

6/13/98: I put in my news section about how Im going to be gone on 
         vacation for the next 10 daze...thats 10 daze WITHOUT JESS!!!
         I dont know how I will live without seeing him for that long!
         who else will be there for me saying "aight" or "kew, kew"
         I love how he says kewl..crax me up.

6/11/98: Hmm well I just recently added a few new Jesse pages in my 
         linx section (yehh guys keep em coming!!) and Ive got new 
         Jesse owners and some more lovable qwotes

6/07/98: well I just got back from the Creed and Fuel concert a couple
         hours ago..luckily for me I got to meet all of the members of
         Creed and the singer even put his hot arm around me for a 
         picture *drool* oh ok Im in my own little world..I added a 
         few more Jess owners and a brand new web page link. 

6/01/98: hmm did everyone see that Jesse signed my guestbook? thats 
         awesome =) so anyways..there are some new Jesse owners out
         there (scary thought isnt it?) hee hee

5/29/98: I just felt like saying this (although no one probably cares)
         but the 26th I went to the Tonic concert and got to meet all
         the members..I had a blast and they are soo sweet. anyways I
         just now added a few qwotes and a new Jesse owner..take care!

5/26/98: added onto the signs of obsession as well as own Jesse, a 
         brand new link, and a new fact in the all about Jesse page

5/22/98: added something to the "own Jesse" page, and to the news

5/18/98: added an entirely new section, called Own Jesse.  just send
         me an email to tell me what thing of Jesses you would like to
         own!! if I couldnt take his whole self, I would love to take 
         his pretty purple shirt...

5/13/98: added a couple qwotes I heard from Messy Jesse today!! with
         Jesse rhyming is so much fun

5/12/98: added something to the news section also Im busy working on
         a brand new survey (about time, eh?)

Pac-man is kewl too!!!

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