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MTVs aol Jesse Camp chat!!!

                           04/24/98 Jesse Camp

                            MTVRock: Welcome to the MTV Arena for
                            this special MTV Online LIVE EVENT. The
                            man, the myth, the legend, Jesse Camp is
                            coming by the MTV Arena to talk all about his
                            recent rise to fame. Jesse beat out 3,999 other
                            contetants in MTV's "Wanna Be A VJ"
                            contest to become the newest member of the
                            MTV family. Voters from across America cast
                            their ballot for a 18-year-old drummer originally
                            from Connecticut and who until recently could
                            be found crashing on a friend's couch in New
                            York City. Welcome Jesse!

                            Jesse: Hi to all them people getting ready to
                            go nuts on a Friday night! Rock n roll and strutt n stroll.

MTVRock: Let's get into the questions... Skaband 7 asks, "What's your favorite band?"
Jesse: New York Dolls, Aerosmith, Alice Cooper, Hanoi Rocks, and Motley Crue.

MTVRock: SKa MoB wants some advice, "Hey Jesse... how do I get girls?" 
Jesse: Aww man! Well, there are many ways to get girls you can go the seedy way or
you can go the high way. Just treat a girl with lots of love and respect and let them know
all you want to do is be a good-hearted man. But it's always good to have couple of
rockin' pick up lines in you back pocket.

MTVRock: Cleonala asks, "If you had to choose, what job would you have after your
VJ job?"
Jesse: A rock-n-roll singer.

MTVRock: Chriss2831 asks, "Who has been your favorite person to meet?"
Jesse: Everyone has been a thrill to meet n greet, specially Lenny Kravitz, John Popper
and Tori Amos who's one of the sweetest sweethearts. I ever did meet!

MTVRock: CyNicaL55 asks about the threads, "Jesse-- where do you get your awesome
Jesse: I've been traveling all over all over all over the country since I got myself out of
school so, I've been getting' my duds from Texas, New Orleans, Hollywood, and
everywhere else in between plus I know a lot of good girls that help me make the clothes
I think of my favorite piece of clothes was a pair of pants I just lost they were huge bells
with a big ole star up on the ass!

MTVRock: GND85 asks a very popular question, "Do you have a girlfriend??"
Jesse: Hey I'm seeing many girls at the moment and I'm always lookin' for new ones! 

MTVRock: Tom3613 asks, "Jesse- why did you think you should be the new VJ before
this whole thing started."
Jesse: Well, I didn't really know what I was getting' myself into I knew two actress
students who were comin' down and they knew about it and told me to come on down
and I'm always lookin' for a good time, and let me tell ya we had a good time in line... wait
was the question?

MTVRock: RageJC wants to know, "So what does it feel like to be an MTV VJ?"
Jesse: Big balls! Early calls! Trips to the malls, and a subscription to McCall's

MTVRock: Guppy134 wants to know, "What do you want to be doing in fifty years?"
Jesse:Sittin' in my mansion overlookin' Malibu beach remembering all the good times I
had... rockin' and rollin' with all my newfound friends.

MTVRock: Bushgrl45 wants to know: Jesse, "if you had to make a new show for MTV,
what would it be??"
Jesse: One that would bring back fun and good times rock n roll where we could play
good stuff like the Crue, Skid Row, uhhh... Kiss, and all the new young dudes plus Tori
Amos too! She's a cutie!

MTVRock: Conn10 wants to know, "What did you feel when you heard your name
called instead of Dave's."
Jesse: It felt like I'd been punched in the stomach which is a new feeling cause I'm a
street-fightin man just joshin! It felt great I love Dave my bro Ducci Kiele... and
everybody who was in the contest with me but even though we all didn't win we're now
going to be friends for life.

MTVRock: Daz Freak wants to know about the 'do, "How do you do your hair?"
Jesse: Just don't wash it!

MTVRock: RayNbwBry asks, "Hey Jesse. what does MTV plan on doing with ya??"
Jesse: I'm not sure.... yet.... But I hope to be around for a while livin it up in style cause
I'm gonna lovett like lyle. Get it man? Cause I'm gonna Lovett like Lyle Lyle Lovett!

MTVRock: Frodo 879 wants to know "Jesse, what's your all time favorite video?"
Jesse: Ummm... I love videos with big hair big guitars loads of women and tons of rock
stars but probably the Crue Live Wire

MTVRock: JenD2002 wants to know "Jesse who Is your hero?"
Jesse: Steven Tyler!

MTVRock: Punk asks, "Jesse why are you so cool?"
Jesse: Man I don't know about all that I just want want to be me cause that's all I can be
But we're all cool as long as we love one another respect one another and remember
we're all brothers and sisters trying to make it a better world while we're rockin' out and
takin' a girl for a twirl.

MTVRock: Guppy134 wants to know, "What kind of insect would you like to be (if you
had to be an insect)?"
Jesse: A fly on the wall, man...a fly on the wall... I'm not really all that clever... uh... but...
I don't know what to say!

MTVRock: BMPaRaDiZ asks "What's your fav thing about New York?"
Jesse: Aww man, man the kids! My friends, the clubs and it all depends we have the
best of the best.

MTVRock: UShldBeMn wants to know "Hey Jesse have you ever thought about
designing your own clothes and making a new fashion for everyone?"
Jesse: Sure! I've always been into flashy clothes big bells, big belts uh.... whether it's
velvet or any of the felts!

MTVRock: Bambee 66 wants to know when you started stylin' "Jesse- When did you
start dressing the way you do?"
Jesse: Um I've always dressed with music in mind when I was in middle school I had
long hair and black pants and over the years I've seen the color in life and that color is
come through in my clothing 

MTVRock: Uhouse01 wants to know about the 25k you won "Hi Jesse! What kind of
fun things have you done with your money yet??"
Jesse: Aww man...bought a big mansion and invited a lot of friends like Jack D and a
stripper named Cheri just joshing! I haven't seen much money comin in. But that's cool
as long as I'm livin in sin in the Holiday Inn!

MTVRock: A ton of people have sent in this question "Jesse, boxers or briefs?"
Jesse: Who need that? It just makes things take longer when you're doin' what I love to

MTVRock: DarkWilo asks, "Hey Jesse, do you think that you will ever settle down and
get married, if you did what would you name your kids??"
Jesse: I almost got married once and I plan to one day when I'm older and...and...gosh...
I've already got so many kids I'm fresh outta names.

MTVRock: EDxNCRVP wants to know the basics, "How old are you and where are you
originally from?"
Jesse: I'm 18 and my family is originally from all over Northern California.

MTVRock: AMon888528 wants to know "Jesse, how does it feel being a part of
Jesse: Aww..I don't think I'm there yet! When I got the platinum records on the wall and
I'm rockin Madison Square Garden out then we'll be all set...then I'll have made my mark
but maybe I'm gettin a little bit ahead of myself. It feels pretty good

MTVRock: Awkc7305 wants to know "Jesse, you can model, host MTV, and sing! Do
you think you are blessed?"
Jesse: Well... I can host and kinda sing but yeah, I can't believe all that's happened to
me and I am the luckiest guy in the world to be blessed with my new job and all the new
friends I'm making.

MTVRock: AeroGal18 wants to know, "How did your family react to your winning."
Jesse: Well my mom is a bit sketchy, but she freaked out and so did my sisters and

MTVRock: Piaffe789 wants to know "What were you were doing before all this MTV
Jesse: I've been playing in different bands my last real band fell apart when we got to
Hollywood." Last summer/winter I came to New York to look up some old friends I went
to school with and gettin a new band together.

MTVRock: Chenilleh wants to know, "So are you gonna change your look now that
your a VJ?"
Jesse: No one can ever change me cause this is who I am. I'm always gonna fight to
wear the clothes I wear and no one's ever gonna touch my hair.

MTVRock: Bro Keeps wants to know, "Hey Jesse, are you down with the Wu Tang?"
Jesse: Aw yeah, Ol Dirty Bastard is a drinkin buddy. And I can't wait to get a chilla with
the Ghostface Killah 

MTVRock: Dria1722 wants to know, "So how does it feel like to be the new VJ?"
Jesse: It feels like what I though Heaven would be... especially with all the new angels
I'm meetin.

MTVRock: We've got time for one last question...and this one comes from Karma648
"Jesse, how does it feel to have such instant fame?"
Jesse: I promise you this: You gotta keep it all in perspective because I'm the same kid I
was two months ago as I'll be two years from now 

MTVRock: Many thanks to Jesse for stopping by to chat!

Jesse:Well anyway...they're bustin my hump cause I gotta get to my gig out in Beth
Paige, Long Island at Hooville--one of my favorite rock n roll clubs! Come out to the
show and I just wanna say. Have a good Friday night get wild get crazy! Make Saturday
morning hazy. But be careful cause I wanna hang out with you all real soon!

                   Copyright 1998 MTV Networks.

people came to read words straight from Jesses mouth! (fingers?)