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other things I like (but not as much as Jesse)

bands: Im into bands such as Tonic, Creed, Fuel, the Cunninghams,
Stabbing Westward, Econoline Crush, blink-182, Radish, Monkees,
Spacehog, Verve Pipe, Alice in Chains, Dishwalla, Sponge and much more

favorite tv show: the Monkees and Mtv (120 minutes and Jesse time)

fave movies: Scream 1 and 2, Head, Dead Alive, Empire Records, 
Mallrats, Dazed and Confused, Chairman of the Board

other things that rule: pez, mentos, video games, pool, black nail
polish, vinyl, carnivals, amusement parks, concerts, meeting band
members, crowd surfing, getting put on the air on radio stations,
winning tickets on the radio, record players, staying up late, 
sleeping in, thunderstorms, new wave music (Thomas Dolby is kewl)
coloring your hair, trent lane from daria, the color black, Carrot Top

bands I have met: Ive met at least one band member from the following
bands...lifter, LIT, radish, verve pipe, misfits, violent femmes,
goldfinger, the squirel nut zippers, the bloodhound gang, 
Megadeth (marty freidman = kewl..dave mustine= really needs midol!)
Creed ,Tonic, Econoline Crush and Athenaeum

ok I will add more onto this later 

Beastie Boys

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