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Own a part of Jesse!

OK heres how this goes..anyone who wants to can send me an email 
saying what part of Jesse they would like to "own" it can be anything
of his, no holds barred.  Whatever entries I receive, I will post on 
this page so everyone knows who owns what of Jesse Camps..have fun =)
extra special thanx goes to Dara, the owner of the Jamie Kennedy
Obsession page, for letting me borrow her idea!! ps someone wrote to
me stating that this is a stoopid idea and its gross. its just for fun
so I hope no one takes it too seriously!--Kristina

                       OWNERS OF JESSE CAMP.....

Holly- my little sister, who would like to own Jesses eyes or his 
       scruffly hair

Megan- my fellow Jesse Camper, who, if she couldnt have all of him, 
       would take either his hair or his voice

Merille- she couldnt really decide what she wanted to own, but then 
       she mentioned Jesses scarf, his puppy dog eyes, voice and troll

Katie- wants to own his heart, so she would always know he loved her
       as much as she loves him (awww =)

Jenni- she would like to own Jesses undying love forever

Margie-wants to own Jesses mind so she could "know what was going on
       behind those beautiful eyes and that perfect smile"

Michelle-wants to own Jesses know what. (hay I never said
        *that* couldnt be owned, did I) =)

Jessy- she would like to own Jesse but if she couldnt have *all* of 
       him she would want his hair, wardrobe and awesome talking and 
       singing voice

Liss- wants to own Jesses smile since every time she sees a smile on
      his face it makes her happy (and hay, I can relate!!)

Anna- wants to own his skin because she thinks it looks really soft
      and she would just love to touch it..she also finds his pretty
      blue eyes to be quite a turn on

Misty- wants to own Jesses um.."gift" see if you can figure out what
       "gift" is the substitution of..I think I got it off of Loveline
       or something..

Katie- wants to own Jesses innocence

Katie- (same one?) wants to own his heart and soul

Lauren- would like to own his beautiful mouth

Chelsea- wants to own Jesses personality, voice and hair

Amanda- would like own Jesses "whole beautiful face or just one of t
        those awesome hats that he wears"

xavier- (who didnt leave me a real name) would like to own his hands
         and lips

Brie- would like to own Jesses fabulous eyes, cool hair, and all the
      hugs and kisses he gives 

Erica- wants his Motorhead shirt 

Jen-  wants his eyes "which are windows to his heart, soul and mind"

Jade- wants his heart

Me2BeMe- (no name) wants to own his smile, laugh, voice, musical
          voice and everything that comes out of his mouth

Stella- would love to be the proud owner of his fuzzy wuzzy hair

Ang- wants his bay blue eyes or cute funky hair

Bertha and Tapioca Tundra- wants his whole body or "gift" hmm the use
       of that word!!! =)
jessieq9 (I didnt get a real name) would like to own his "cute little
         ass, baby blue eyes and his hair which makes him look sooo

Suzanne- his smile love and hands

Vall- his perfect hair, sexy smile and gorgeous eyes

Lynn wants to become the owner of Jesses love handles and 3rd toe (no
     questions asked)

Urbandoll (nickname maybe?)- "Jesses mic cos he always has his lush
          mouth so close to it"

Martha- Jesses love 

Britt- all of him or at least his heart or clothes

Preston- Jesses clothes (oh me too! though Im sure they wont fit--)

Beckie (retrojesse)- Baby blue eyes, messy hair, beautiful voice hands

Liss- smile and wink ;)

Tracey- his right eye cuz it winks ;), soft looking lips, adorable
        little cheeks, and speaking voice

W. Keynon Bush- pinkie finger, and knee cap (or just Jesse himself)

Ashley- eyes, sexyness, mouth

Ducky-his voice or just himself

Maria- perfect lip[s, arms to hold, and she would stare @ him all day

Shannon- undying love, tounge, hair

Laura- and ears (ha ha I love being onry)

Beckie-baby blue eyes, messy hair, beautiful voice and his hands

sandi- himself, eyes, mouth, hair, voice, all the love he can give

Jen- own his mind for a day

Kristie-eyelashes, bellybutton, right buttcheek

Andrea-hair, lips

Megan- soft, sexy lips and tounge

Ashley- funky voice

and ps in case someone sent me an ownership email and you dont see
yours on here please let me know. I wrote all of them down, and really
sloppy too!

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