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obsession isnt so bad!! ask these obsessed people

You Know Youre Obsessed With Jesse Baby if this sounds familiar...

1. Your mom says Jesse is funny looking, and you just cuss her out

2. You cry for the tv during mtv LIVE until your parents just call you
   a no good brat but, reluctantly, lets you "borrow" the tv set

3. You tape Jesse every single second hes on (like me!!)

4. You jump for joy every time you see that "Jesses Home" commercial
   on Mtv (and what a fine commercial it is!!)

5. You drool over Jesse more than your current boyfriend.

6. Youve been screaming a lot more these daze...

7. You show Jesse off to anyone whos there while youre watching him

8. You daydream and hope that one day, you can go to New York and
   steal Jesse for just ONE day...yeah just one day

9. You try emailing him 24/7 at Mtv even though their email is stuffed

10.You crave him every second and have to watch him before you go to
   bed or leave the house

11.You have to carry around a pic of Jesse wherever you go..and if youre
   like me and have a crappy job, break time is a good time to take
   his picture out and make your day at work a little better. were jealous when you saw him and Tori Amos practically flirting
   (hey I will admit it..I was!!) call your boyfriend up on the phone and when someone else picks
   it up, you are really tempted to and almost do ask if Jesse is
   there (which I did today!!)

the following obsession signs were sent from Meghan...thanx!!!! =)

14. You ask everyone at school if they know who Jesse Camp is, if they
   don't you show them your pictures, if they do you show them your
15. You will fight or insult anyone who doesn't like Jesse.
16. You can recite the words to all of his songs and everything he says
   on MTV Live.
17. You wrote over 10 emails to MTV, requesting that Jesse be on
   weekends as well.
18. MTV is the only chanel you've watched since Jesse won.
19. Its 4:23 in the morning and your still up thinking about Jesse

special thanx to cherubina for these quite true obsession signs!!

20. you're trying to find out the addresses of those girls he kisses

21. you've renamed your boyfriend jesse

22. everyone who knows u leaves the room as soon as you mention the 
   word Jesse

23. your teachers are making you buy new school books - yours are
   unreadable with all the I love jesse signs on them

24. you 're currently residing on a bench in times square, in hope of
   meeting the babe

25. you're trying to convince your boyfriend to get his face surgically
   changed to look like jesse's 

26. You write "Jesse" on your toaster strudel (the one was sent in by

here is one more sign of obsession sent in by Vall..enjoy!!

27. you know if your obsessed with Jesse when you being to break
    dates so you can have "lunch with Jesse" and your dates begin to
    wonder when they are going to meet this Jesse guy that you are
    always having lunch with! =)   

28. every time you see SPIN with Jess on the front cover at stores
    you go ape sh*t even though you own a copy..youre like "theres 
    Jesse yeah!" not that I can identify with this or anything ;)

well these three reasons are by a nameless person, but they did have
the name Bryt contained in their email so...thanx!!! =)

29. you start naming things after him

30. you send in 50 postcards trying to win him

31. you blow up life size pics of him, and tape them around your room 

as always suggestions are always taken and given credit for =)

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