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home sweet home: you should know that place real well by now

someone came to hear Jesses funny words hilarious times


heres all the funny things Ive heard Jesse say so far..well hes always
funny but you know what I mean...check some of these lovely qwotes out.

"is my hair fraa-kay???"
"just go out tonight and dont do too much crap, but get really
 messed up!"
"I think its cuz the singers got a big @$$ I dunno Im
 Just kidding..heres Spacehog..."
"If I could be anyone else in the world who would I be?" -stops to
 think- "Id be your boyfriend!!!!!"
"These are my women!!" 
"Meredith Brooks...bee-otch!!"
"if you vote for me you will be doing a kid a very nice thing"--aww
 I thought that was so sweet =)
"911 is a joke!!!"---he knows that title all too well.
what do aic and sir mixalot have in common? "they both like big @$$e$"
"Ohhh~! oh I know that its greenday..the couch!!!"
"hey guys I guess I gotta little quiz for ya..*funny face*I dunno!!"
"hey it ok to chuck your walkman batteries into the other
 garrrrrrBAGE????"*really screaming this sentence*
"HEYYYY Carse!!!" carse..what a cute name
"do you guys go to the disco and f*cken go nuts?"
"hey is that pizza any good?" *takes a bite of a girls pizza without
 even asking and then kisses her on the cheek*--whatta guy
"hey my names Jesse..and whats yo-wahs?"
"yeah they gotta have the bells, man!" -talking about his pants, of
"what the heck is El Nino? well I have no idea but all I know is that
 it creates sucky weather!!"
"WEs be going in there!"
"Hayyy Carston!!"
"I cant SWALLOW it, dude!!"
"rock n roll rawks!!"
"hey yeah I mean...its a time, right?!"
"do you know how to swim? cuz were going to be filming it in my bathtub!!"
"now its time for the ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
"heres a really kewl video coming up..well *second thoughts* well its
 really kewl if you like it!!" (talking about sex and candy.)
"heres two things thats really easy to score here in New York City!
 (once again speaking of sex and candy)
"Id blow it all!!"
"Hey guys..I know how it is when youre busting your hump cuz youre all
 sad cuz all your girlfriends left you!" (busting your hump..he he I 
 love it!!)
"This is Jesse here hanging out in times square, you know it aint fair
 but you dont care cuz you know I got the hair but Im wearing the hat
 and Im all of that but Im not really got a big ego baby come over 
"hey man people are going apes for david bananas!!"
"wow wee wow wow wow man..thats the stuff papa likes!!"
"all this press Ive been doin..its just blown up like a-a-a-a-a-a-a
 a thing that blows up!!"
"hey, this is Jesse here--Messy Jesse!" 
"heres some guys that can definitely rhyme their @$$es off"
"Hi..Im just a new boy in town and I just thought Id visit you"
"Oh, I better take off my hat cuz as you know its rude to wear a hat
 to someones house"
"(standing in a convertable yelling over the windshield) Now were 
 going to see Everclear for 'Is gonna buy you a new life"--these 3 
 were sent in by my buddie Jessy, who caught these and I didnt. thanx
 Jessy!! =)
"Whats up destruction blues!!"--this qwote curtosy of Amanda!:)
"Im like 6'5" no one knows it but I can throw a mean basketball!"
"wowie zowie!" 
"just be good and dont get into trouble, ok?"
"Im really scared right now I dont even know what my final thought is"
"one laguini, one laguini!" (it was just funny the way he said it all
-----the following qwotes were sent to me from someone who left their
email nameless but here they are anyway----
"I dont know about you guys, but I love Slayer!!"
"Heyyyyyy its Metallica!!! Hey guys!! Owwwwwwwhhh, its Metallica,
"whos buffy the vampire slayer man?"

more qwotes will find their way to this page in the near future 

and btw if you have any classic Jesse qwotes, feel free to email
them to me and I will more than gladly post them