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this many people love Jesse times.

I love this guy!!!

My name is Kristina, and I am 18 years old. I live in Illinois. I fell in love with Jesse one night when I really started watching MTV Live.. I knew of this Mtv VJ thing but I didnt get into it much, until I saw Jesse acting like he was introducing a Spacehog video. The first thing I noticed on him was his hair. Then I really fell in love with him and his cute little face. I was sooo nervous when they were coming to the top 5, and when Carson called off Jesses name I began screaming and running around like an idiot. And then on Saturday the big day I had to work (poo) I only got to vote for him after the first challenge and I was scared all day at work especially during the last 10 minutes. I knew he won when I looked at the Mtv page and saw his name in big letters and he wasnt on the losers list. Thats so sweet because he didnt expect to win and he really needed the money and job. I like him because hes got a cute face and excellent cheek bones (anyone ever notice?) he told that one girl if he could be anyone else he would be her boyfriend. Thats not fair I wish I could take that offer on!!! mmmm =) I love how Jesse screams but the poor babe was losing his voice the other sounded like he was going through puberty!! =) (but we all know he already went thru that...ohhhhh yes we do)hee hee ok time for an update. Jesse and I have sort of become buddies I think. we email each other sometime and we seem to have some stuff in common. Hes soooo kewl I love him to death. Im glad he still visits this page because it wouldnt be the same if he couldnt see thip page that he totally deserves

this is important to you?(hee hee)

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