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isnt it fun reading my jesse bio exact times?

All   I   know   about   Jesse   so   far...

I only know a few facts about Jesse so far....

How he got to be a vj:  my opinion is everyone loves can
you NOT like him? Hes so cute and goofy..and different.  Ive never
seen a guy like him before at all.  As my bf put it, Mtv needs a new
different vj to goof off (although Carson Dalys pretty freaken funny)
speaking of Carson, I see him as Jesses babysitter...its so cute

Looks: Jesse is tall..quite tall and lanky.  Hes also pretty thin. 
He likes to wear cute cloths like scarves, bellbottoms, jean jackets,
and tall hats (for his tall hair) Jesse hair would be long if he didnt
style it like a troll doll. (I like that..its really something that  
I find rather adorable)  Hes got dark brown hair that sticks up all
over the place.  He reminds me sooo much of Royston from Spacehog.  Hes
also got these really beautiful blue eyes that make you want him sooo
bad.  When he looks sad or something I just want to take him home with me.

age:18 (I know this one for sure!!)

birthday: November 4th, 1979 (hes only 7 months older than yours 

sign: scorpio

height: 6'4" (actually Jess said hes 6'5" and can throw a mean
basketball..hmm hes tall wouldnt you say??!!)

lives in: NY, for the past 5 months.  He did crash with his sisters 
friend but with the $25,000 he won he can find himself his own house
now!! =) he doesnt live with his parents which is sad that he had to
leave his house...he is really from Granby Conneticut..hes got family
there and in CA.  I hope he found that waterbed he wanted!!!

personality: Jesse has a personality all his own.  He talks really
funny(in a cute way) like a surfer guy.  He says "dude" alot and stuff
like that.  Hes really goofy and just likes to party and have a good
time.  Which is good, most teenagers his age like doing that!! he 
cracks everyone up but he is also very charming..he likes kissing girls 
on the cheek all the time..(hey Jess how about mine??)

when hes on Mtv: Jesse is on MTV at about 11 or 11:30am (my time)
and about 6 or 6:30pm or so for "Lunch with Jesse" it gets a bit
crazy cuz the times seem to change quite a bit. I always rely on the
MTV tubescan schedule. 

likes: Spacehog (Im pretty sure) partying, bananas, acting like himself,
his hair, Kurt Loder (his bud) and being on Mtv (hey who wouldnt?)

what he does while not kissing girls: Jesse had a few phone calls from
some modeling agencies that were interested in shooting some photos
which Jesse said he was "down with that" They looked like really good
pix too!! I want one. also I heard that Jesse (used to?) drum for a 
band in his hometown..hmm a drummer and a singer and a model and a vj

Jesses band: Jesse and his band, called JESSE CAMP AND THE HIGH FLYING, 
MAKERS currently have a video on Mtv.  the song is titled "good good
good good times" and theres something or other that has to do with the
video called "sleazy attraction records reaction" the vid debuted on
LIVE today..keep an eye out for it he looks sooo cute with his head
phones on!!! I guess this band is just something he does in his spare
time, but if they really did make a record Im buying it for sure!!!!!

Poetry: hmm well Jesse sure likes to make up poems as he goes along!
well tonight he read one of Jewels poems and did a fine job in my 
opinion, even if he did need old Kurts help.  Hes very poetic-like

the meaning behind his name: out of pure boredom I was just messing
around and looking up meanings of names. well I found out Josiah means
"The Lord supports; fire of God" and Lee means "Of the meadow; poetic
one" hmmm interesting... 

It is rumored that Jesse might start getting into the acting business
now. like in movies!! oh and dont forget a Jesse comic book! thats